Benefits You Can Expect to Enjoy by Hiring an HR Consultant

By: Valerie Morato

As a small business owner, you know every decision you make about your business is a critical one.

You want to ensure each matter is given the full attention it deserves. You also understand the value of having a strong team at your disposal. However, your time is limited and you need to ensure you can tackle the daily operations of your business without losing focus on matters that may be tended to by other experienced professionals. Hiring an HR consultant can permit you to maintain the control you require without having to focus on the small details. Some of the benefits you can enjoy by hiring an HR consultant include:

Effective Recruitment Services

An HR consultant provides effective recruitment services resulting in a greater pool of qualified talent for your open positions. Approximately 65% of recruiters say that talent shortage is the biggest challenge for them, so having a built-in database of qualified candidates can help make the hiring process faster and more fitting. HR consultants offer practical advice about effective strategies to recruit candidates. He or she will have access to databases and links to other professionals in the community who can help with the identification of qualified candidates.

A professional consultant can develop a recruitment and selection strategy to better identify and select the right people for the job. Employee turnover costs businesses a lot of money. The Society for Human Resources Management reports the average cost to hire someone is $4,129. Effective recruitment strategies help ensure you have a productive and dependable team while reducing costs.

Structuring Employee Benefits Packages

HR consultants provide benefits package recommendations to implement, recruit and retain qualified employees. Producing summarized lists of package options for your business and ensuring employees are properly covered, which can be a time-consuming task and one they can take off your hands as well as be a point of contact for insurance and other benefit providers. Having a strong benefit package retains qualified employees, with 57% of employees stating this is the reason why they change jobs.

Minimize Risk

Being well versed in local, state and federal laws is vital. It's their job to inform you of relevant statutes and proposed changes in legislation so you can remain compliant with various laws. HR consultants stay on the cutting edge of recent developments regarding employment laws, benefits and compliance matters. One Forrester Consulting report found one company realized a savings of $100,000 a year due to HR audit and compliance services.

Consultants have the skills to conduct a responsive investigation in the event of an harassment, discrimination or other employment-related claim filed against your business, permitting you to preserve the integrity of workplace investigations. Adjudicators may find external investigators more credible because they are more objective and have a stronger foundation on investigation variables.

Comprehensive Performance Management

Implementing an effective comprehensive performance management system can motivate your employees toward optimal performance, establish performance measurements linked to your business goals and identify when employees have met these benchmarks. Additionally, they can suggest effective financial and non-financial incentives designed to recognize superior employee performance. Increasing employee satisfaction can also help you to minimize problems in the workplace.

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