How to Effectively Source Talent in a Remote Working Environment

With the office environment transitioning into remote work over the past decade, COVID-19 significantly sped up this process; with more and more people working from home or out-of-office space. Sourcing talent may seem intimidating in a time where you can’t physically meet or have a conversation, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Finding great candidates that are a fit for your company can be just as simple as it was pre-COVID, and can actually save you time and overhead.

Start with the basics

Your company does not need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to recruiting, start with your core tactics, such as: resumes, references, and research. Start with resumes that may have been archived in the past due to availability and position, start reaching out to previous candidates who may have wanted the job, but it just didn’t work out for whatever reason; there is a chance you’ll find the match you need. Reach out to references who contacted you, this is a great way to get insight on their perspective and strategies to sourcing talent tailored to your same industry. Do your own research by identifying your current employees and their backgrounds, along with trends in your organization. By looking for desirable qualities in your workforce, you will be able to better source candidates. This isn’t to say only look for a cookie cutter candidate that is identical to your employees, but use it as a tool to further diversify and expand your talent search.

Recruiting remotely

Sourcing talent has drastically changed in our economy with the advancement of technology. With remote sourcing and placement, you are exponentially increasing your candidate pool and reaching individuals you may not have encountered. Remote working has literally opened doors for small businesses and corporations alike, including us here at epm|prg. Creating a larger pool of talent will help elevate your business strategies for diversity, recruitment, and will ultimately affect workplace culture. Adapting to the changes in recruitment with COVID and moving forward with technology to create new possibilities for how things get done.

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