Talent Acquisition

Finding the right people for your business is critical to its flourishing and success. With us, you’ll work directly with a TA specialist to create a recruiting strategy that meets your needs. We cover the entire process from developing job descriptions, pre-screening candidates and candidate selection, all the way to job offers and onboarding.

Training & Development

We develop and run training programs that perfectly fit your organizational culture. We’ll work with you to pinpoint the exact needs of your business and provide the right training to unlock your employee’s full potential.


For start-ups particularly, creating a competitive compensation plan is essential to recruitment and retention. We do this for you by conducting thorough research before implementing a plan that fits your budget.

Employment Law

All of our services are implemented to ensure every local, state, and federal employment laws are adhered to and enforced to keep you and your business protected.

Other Services

  • Policy development

  • Form I-9 completion and retention strategies

  • E-Verify set-up

  • Employee communication

  • Auditing

  • Employee training